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23 March 2015, 14:03

The Purbeck Pursuit is a one day team challenge event on the 25th April based in the stunning rural Purbeck region of Dorset. The event will be based in one central location, with a series of team challenges starting and finishing at or near the base location.

20 March 2014, 11:25

As we all begin to stretch our limbs in the recent glorious British sunshine and plan Sophie’s Legacy Challenge 2014 in Bournemouth (details to follow soon!), we thought perhaps it would be good to start the training season with a little Spring Fling warm up event.

Here's to a great year.
22 December 2013, 11:41

2013 saw five consecutive years of Sophie’s Legacy challenges.

The grand total raised this year has been £33,417.24

Thanks to all of you!

RUGBY - New Zealand Ambassador's XV v Germany
19 September 2013, 14:10

The annual rugby game between the New Zealand Ambassador’s XV and the German National Team is not to be missed! Especially as this year ex-All Blacks captain Taine Randell will be playing for the Kiwis!!
Kick-Off is at 4pm.

Event Summary No.4: Ridgeway Harriers

8 June 2012, 14:46

The first time the Ridgeway Harriers met as a team was on the Wednesday evening as we all rocked up to the Chilton Apartments!! Against the odds, we finally formed a team with about 3 weeks to go to the challenge!! It was on this Wednesday evening that Mike and I decided to go a bit crazy and do the whole shebang!! Oh dear!! So after acquainting ourselves over dinner at the pub, we took to our beds in preparation for what lay ahead over the next two days!

Thursday morning arrived and looked far too hot for a May morning, so the sunscreen got slapped on and we quickly learned to adapt to ‘Damo time’! The car got loaded up with people, bikes, kit and enough water to quench the South East’s drought! After a few wrong turns and trailing a few tractors, we arrived at Princes Risborough (half an hour late, we quickly nominated Andy to be bearer of bad news to Rob!!). After the briefing, more sunscreen and the discovery of a flat tyre on Damo’s bike, Andy, Mike and I set off on the first 12km run…boy was it hot!!

We set off at a decent pace for us, and were pleasantly surprised that we had a member of FIA in our sights. The Ridgeway was beautiful and we all commented how dry it was, almost as if no rain had fallen at all in recent weeks! It was an enjoyable first leg and we felt we had put in a good start to the challenge. The sight of the road was however a welcome relief, T1 wasn’t far now! A quick T1, and Mike, Damo, Liss and myself hit the road on our bikes, the route was great, we met other teams along the way, and we didn’t get lost!! We rode into T2 with the Panthers and we transitioned and rode out again.

This bike section saw all of the Ridgeway Harriers on our bikes, it was fantastic to have the whole team out. The first section was brilliant fun and we all thought about taking a quick dip as we crossed the river! The chalky hill proved a challenge and this was when we found sticking as a team really helpful. Towards the end of the bike section, Damo’s chest infection really started to impact on his fitness, and we took the decision that myself, Mike and Andy would push on and let Damo and Liss follow on after.

When we reached T3, Danny and Philippa were there with water supplies, and thankfully Danny was able to lend his trainers to Andy…in our haste and determination to get everyone involved, we had left the car at T2…with Andy’s trainers in – he was clipped in to his peddles!!! Angus saw us in, we had a quick transition, and Andy, Mike and I set off on the final leg of the day. We were exhausted, knew we were last, and this run was our first mental challenge of the day.

It was hot, sticky and had been a long day, the first run seemed a lifetime ago!! The road at the bottom of the Ridgeway seemed never-ending and the bridge over the A34…well!!!! Our spirits were lifted hugely when we could see everyone at the finish line. The support was tremendous and got us through those last few yards! We collapsed under the welcome shade of the trees, last but justifiably proud of ourselves (well, we thought so anyway!!). Happily for the Ridgeway Harriers, we ‘only’ had to walk around the corner to the Chilton Apartments, painful as this felt, it was nice to be ‘home’!! We reconvened as a team, showered and took a leisurely stroll to the pub for dinner.

Friday morning was great because we started back at Chilton sports excuses to be late!! As we were the last team in yesterday, we were the first team out today! We were started promptly at 9.30 and acutely aware of the teams that would soon be on our tails! Last night we had gently informed Andy that he was going to have to complete all 3 sections today, so Andy, Mike and I set off excited and nervous that there was no going back, Mike and I were going have to follow through on completing the whole course!!!! The run was beautiful and a nice breeze cooled us down as we ran across the top of the Ridgeway and we tried to take in some of the stunning scenery.

We were amazed to complete the section in 47 minutes, and were full of excitement that we may have a decent head start. Into T1 expecting to find our bikes and gear all set to go…where were our bikes?? Where was our car??? Eventually we tracked Damo and Liss down, they were in Wantage and lost!! To say we were steaming was an understatement!! Waiting, we could see what a great lead we had generated!!

Thankfully it pays to have work colleagues on adventures like these, and Philippa and Amy kindly donated water and phones!! When we finally exited T1, 25 minutes after arriving, we were determined to catch up our lost time. We felt like we were flying, managing to keep route, stay hydrated and fed and more importantly, not get caught by any other teams than we expected to! We were doing great until just after we collected our token, and missed the ‘right hand fork’. This was to our serious detriment. To cut a very long story short, we estimate that we added 6 miles to our bike ride! And we lost our position too, we were last again!!

So after accosting a Fed-Ex delivery van to find out where we were, and resorting to just heading anywhere that resembled the Ridgeway, we reached T2 35 minutes after the team ahead of us and about 3 and a half hours after we started!!! We racked the bikes, and set out on foot. The run was another opportunity to all be together, although Mike and I eventually set off on our own to the finish. It was then that we stopped worrying that we were last and started to remember why we had chosen to take part in the first place, and nothing makes this memory more vivid and real, than rounding the corner into Prospect Hospice.

I went cold and goosebumpy, even though I was ridiculously hot! Mike and I finished together and it was symbolic, we had started together with a pact to do the lot. We had done it. The stress of getting lost and coming last quickly dissipated, when the angels that are the Hospice staff came out with drinks and cakes, and we realised what we had achieved, and more importantly, what for. We were soon followed by Andy, Damo and Liss. Pride was the order of the day, we were a proud team, not necessarily a fast one!!

This challenge represented the chance to make new friends, raise money for two incredible charities, and overcome mental and physical tribulations. It benefits all competitors in so many ways. To this end, we resolved to come back next year, so look out for the re-named ‘Specials’, featuring Dumb, Dumber, Sat-Nav, Iron Mike and Mr Cool (you work them out!!). Above all, we enjoyed every minute, loved it and can’t wait to be back!!!!!

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